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We are here to discus about what is SEO? As Information Technology has played the role of a catalyst by accelerating development resulting in modern, fast paced lifestyle. Computers and Internet have become the backbone of today's economy. At the micro level too, it is impossible to even think of life without these online resources.

Most of the information required by anyone is searched on the internet because it is instant, free as well as convenient so need SEO to rank up. Before buying any product or taking any service, people tend to search and surf the internet to find out the details. As more and more people flock to the internet for getting information, the demand of SEO on high. It has become imperative for business establishments to have their online presence. So SEO Training in Gurgaon is a best choince to strart career in a short period of time

But merely having a website is not sufficient – what matters is the visibility of your website to the prospective customer and it's possible if the website is SEO optimized. It is common practice that most of the visitors seek information on the first page of search results. Very few visitors tend to go beyond the first page of search engine results. Thus the website should rank higher in order to grab the attention of the visitor, and hence obtain good leads and business.

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SEO rank the websites by analysing numerous parameters through their specifically devised mathematical procedures known as algorithms. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continuously ongoing process, through which these parameters are studied and upgraded as per the requirements of the search engines. Also regular optimization activities are conducted which make the website appear on higher positions and retain its ranking on search engines.

For optimizing a website to use seo techniuies, the first and foremost requisite is to analyze the website, and see if it meets the criteria and requirements of the search engines. On most of the existing websites some changes need to be made to make them search engine compliant, whereas new websites are made SEO friendly at the time of design and development itself. This process of making a website SEO friendly is called On-Page Optimization.

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Once the website is optimized On-Page SEO, it has to be made visible on the world wide web. This process is called Off-Page Optimization, which includes, submission on search engines, article submission, directory submission, blog creation, blog comment posting, forum posting etc. Link building is also in SEO practice, to link the website to other sites and portals. Once the website reaches the top position on search engines, all these SEO practices are maintained in order to retain that position.

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