What is Internet Marketing

Online-Digital Media Marketing

The last decade has witnessed a transition from the real world to the virtual world. Most of the products and services which are available in the market can now be bought online too. More and more people tend to buy online, since buying online is easier, convenient, as well as saves time and resources. Moreover, pre-purchase surveys of domains like property, vehicles, education, finance, matrimonials and the like, are increasingly being done over the.

With this shift in business dynamics, all enterprises whether large, medium or small, have no option except establishing themselves and displaying/selling their products and services on the internet. In the broader sense, advertising, branding, promoting and selling products and services over the internet is referred to as Internet Marketing.

To get good results of Internet Marketing, the first requisite is to get the website to grab the attention of the visitor, when he/she searches a particular category. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an inherent part of Internet Marketing, through which the website ranks on top position of organic searches. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on various search engines is implemented wherein one can get visitors on its website by Paying Per Click (PPC).

With the advent of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc), the Internet Marketing has become more focused and result oriented. Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are now increasingly practiced to get customer visits, which may eventually be transformed into enquires, and may be finally converted to orders.

Besides the techniques explained above, e-mail marketing, viral media marketing, banner ads etc have also found their way in the vast field of Internet Marketing. In the times to come, Internet Marketing will prove to be the only viable source of selling products and services, both online as well as offline

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