Google Adwords Certification

Google can be easily termed as the “Undisputed Leader” in the field of Internet Technology, which has taken over the world by storm. To implement and sustain its growth in this highly innovative sector, Google derives most of its revenues by advertisements, aptly called Google AdWords.

Google AdWords Program has unique features providing all the control to the user, like ease of operation, targeting the audience precisely, besides spending as per the budget. To educate the users and professionals in the AdWords Program, Google provides learning resources and conducts an online exam, on the basis of which it certifies them. This complete process is called Google AdWords Certification..

Advantages of Google AdWords Certification

Professionals looking to update and demonstrate search and marketing skills to employers as well as clients, can study and certify to become individually qualified in Google AdWords. The many advantages of getting Google AdWords Certification, include the following

How to get Google AdWords Certification

Google conducts one fundamental and three advanced exams to award certification. You have to pass the fundamental exam, and one of the three advanced exams. The Fundamental Exam covers the basic concepts of AdWords advertising, while the Advanced Exams covers more advanced concepts in three specialized areas – Search Advertising, Reporting and Analysis, and Display Advertising.

Exam Specifics and Format

You'll be asked to answer questions on a real-time basis and should have a firm grasp of the AdWords product before testing. The exams are updated frequently to keep pace with the ongoing AdWords changes. The Exam consists of over 100 questions to be answered in 2 hours, without interruptions. A passing score for the Fundamentals exam is 85%. For the Advanced Exams, passing scores differ for all the three exams – 80% for Search Advertising, 75% for Reporting and Analysis, and 70% for Display Advertising.

Cost for AdWords Certification

Each exam for Google AdWords Certification costs US$50 only. As you have to clear two exams, the cost will be US$100. The fee can be paid online in any currency.

Specialised Training for Google AdWords Certification

Seo Training Institute provides comprehensive education and training to help students learn and master Google Adwords, and thus become successful Search Engine Marketing Professionals. In this arena, we also impart Specialised Training for students willing to opt for Google AdWords Certification. After teaching the advanced level features, practice on a large number of questions is regularly given, to enable the student get adequate practice before attempting the actual exam. A host of tips, tricks and techniques to qualify the exam are also provided.

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