The Essential Guide to Off Page in Search Engine Optimization

18 Feb The Essential Guide to Off Page in Search Engine Optimization


Off page SEO is even more deeper than only links.

For instance,say your URL or your brand name which is mentioned in another site and without a hyperlink is an in built aspect of off page search criteria.But smart as we are,we start with on page SEO which doesn’t stop there.

The amount of time we spend on off page SEO is different.Its not the same with everyone.Its mostly 30% on off page and 70% on page factors and sometimes vice versa.Google tells you what others think about your site because of your off page SEO i.e.if you have important links hinting to your pages,search engines will predict you have a good amount of content.

People only refer or share or read content which they find useful or which they like.Even if you start a small set up and your product is reasonable and good,a word of mouth referrals will do magic.

Very basic understanding of on page and off page optimization is a must to rank your site in Google top 10.

Off page SEO is the process where you can raise the ranking of page in search engine results.Off page SEO is not only link building.Its even more than that.For off page optimization the important factor is many activities which don’t result in a standard link.

The difference between on page SEO and off page SEO is that on page SEO happens within the site and off page happens outside the site.Off page promotion is when you leave a comment or write a post for another blog.
Link pointing is very important for the determination of value of any web page.If there are no link pointings there is no importance in Google irrespective of how good,useful or fresh content it has.It is very tempting to skip the initial process for link building.But the initial process is always important as it will ensure that you are mindful of the links which you send them.

For your overall raking,an optimized internal pages can make very big difference.To connect to the category pages and supporting pages,you should have silo pages.Using this you can send link to the homepage which will boost your search performance.

By just throwing links at page os not smart professional SEO,instead try to layout the pages so that each link will pass and stay interconnected.Your internl pages should not stand alon.It should be integral page in the site and should include seamless navigation.Try to link the pages by addressing the related topics so that a good experience can be used by the users.

Internal pages are ignored in SEO.SEO value flows from the internal pages which many of us are not aware of.To increase the SEO value,you have to link high value pages on the same site.And if you want a good link between your internal pages,silo your pages.
Its not important to have a quantity of links in your site.The quality is very much important and that is what matters in the end.

If you want that Google should not neglect your site,then an on page SEO is important.’Meta tags’,’keyword density’ – a prominent words which we have heard a lot.But on page SEO is more than it.Many sites are no longer in top listings reason being they have neglected on page SEO.

On page SEO process can be explained like this:If lot of pages come up for a particular search,Google is not sure which page to rank higher.That is when on page SEO comes in use.You just need to be sure whether your information or pages are well structured and specified.

Whatever you do on your page be it on page or off page SEO,in the end what does the magic is your “keyword”.It can be termed as fundamental building blocks for the campaign.But all keywords are not same and equal.Your keywords should be relevant and should be related to the subject.One thing that should be in mind is that your page has been created to help others.So the keywords would also be user friendly.
Then comes the Title tag-another important factor in SEO.It is observed that the closer you place the keyword,the more weight it will have with search engines.If you want to improve the search of a given keyword then title tag targeted with the keyword is important.

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