How to Use Infographics for SEO

20 Dec How to Use Infographics for SEO

How to Use Infographics for SEO
Like the written content is used for on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website, it is also necessary to take care of off- site SEO too, which can be done by using infographics. They are well-designed representation of information in a graphic format designed to make the data easily understandable. They include bar graphs, line charts, histograms, pie charts etc. Users prefer looking at visually appealing graphics instead of reading long and boring blogs, articles and posts; infographics provide quick and reliable information that’s easy on the eyes and improve your search engine ranking.
How to use infographics for SEO-
1. Good quality– Infographics is not just about using an image and including stats in it. For users to visit and spend time on your website, infographics must serve some purpose to them.If you want to use infographics as a successful internet marketing technique, make sure to research the topic first, keeping in mind the interest of your target audience. Collect as much information and data as possible and choose a title accordingly. Analyse other infographics and study them.
2. Presentation-The creative format needs to be eye catching and appealing enough to attract users. It solely depends on you what style you choose and for that you need to have a good command over designing and if not, hire a professional graphic designer. Take help of your creative team. Organize the data and create a meaningful story out of it. Remember creativity, visualization and representation is the key.
3. Promotion– For increasing traffic on your website, you need to create and promote the infographics as well both on- site and off-site.Use social media sites for promotion, attach links in order to grab the attention of users. Share the infographics on other sites, you can also take help of PR services. The more the people will share it, the more good it will do to your website.
4. Advantages- Infographics,an inexpensive way, not only helps in making a website more intellectual but also effects its quality and visibility. Consists of many favorable aspects, infographics are easily shareable and linkable. It helps a website to earn links. Emphasizing on the visual ability, it breaks complex data into a simpler form. Thus, making it easier for a user to utilize information present on your website.
5. Marketing– Infographics serves as a digital marketing tool, gaining visitors and customers for a website. It shows the potential of a website and makes the content reliable. Good marketing techniques along with the use of infographics will boost the standard of your site and earn you subscribers. Plan and research your marketing strategies first according to your website need and target audience. Infographics boost brand awareness and increases the chances of a good feedback and ranking by Google.

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