How to optimize your Images for SEO

19 May How to optimize your Images for SEO

Articles, these are like a pot containing valuable information which are the most popular and read by almost everyone across the globe, for they give information on a related topic to the people from which they can form an opinion and also gather knowledge by simply reading the topic. Despite the fact that an article reading may not give you the complete information but by reading an article the basic required information on a particular topic is always available. So how to make your articles the most sought after or to make it more visible?

The answer is quite simple, add some images or pictures that are eye catching to make it attractive and just like that the people get attracted and want to view the picture and at the same time shows an interest in reading the content related to the picture. If an article contains an image then the chances are more that the article will be opted for reading by most of the people. An article that is devoid of any kind pictures often does not pique the interest of a reader but if the same matter is presented with colorful images then you can say that the article comes to life and the purpose of the creating the article is fulfilled as it will be read by most of the readers.

Gone are the days when people used to have a look at the magazines, now with the usage of internet increasing day by day people started to show interest in reading articles or whatever information through websites which are more handy and convenient. Do you know that images also can increase the traffic rate through image based search engines? To optimize your images for SEO you need to take some steps so that they are the most viewed and also result in increasing the business. To name few of the steps that helps you in optimizing your images for SEO:
• File name should be relevant to the image you are uploading
• File size should be small so it gets a faster uploading
• A title to your image that must be an eye catcher
• Alternate text that describes the image in situations if the image does not happen to open
• Position of the image in the article
• The picture your are inserting should be appropriate to your topic
• Open graph for the image
• Use XML sitemaps for the images

Taking some of the above necessary steps in including an image in your SEO article makes it more alluring and vivid. To include an image in the article can be one of the many factors that contribute to improving the SEO for your article. If you want to benefit in terms of rank on image search for your website then it is necessary that you take into consideration the above mentioned criteria so that it gives you the best and the desired result. Though it appears that it is quite simple and easy it takes a lot of time, patience on your part while preparing the concept and a very thoughtful mind to analyzing everything that benefits you in terms of increasing your business since whatever we do and whatever methods we opt it should gives us good returns and also the much desired success.

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