How Google defines ‘quality content’

19 Dec How Google defines ‘quality content’

Google, the most used search engine all over the world with the availability of solution to every query.You name a problem and google provides thousands and lacs of results in less than a second.
What type of content is to be made available on google is first approved and is rigorously passed before Google decides whether it is worth sharing or not.To keep a check on the quality google assigns a particular score to each and every website based on the content they share. Content is not just the words but is every single information and detail that a website contains.
How google defines quality content-
1. Engaging and Relevance– Content will help a website distinguishing itself from others as long as it is relevant and up to the point. What the users need to see is an understandable and engaging content with in-depth information so that they can get what they are looking for at a single place, as google takes into account the time spent and content sharing by the user. The websites needs to work consistently in order to create high quality content and should keep their focus on users.
2. Material– How well a content is written reflects the standard and builds trust and credibility between the users and the website. Generating interest and curiosity, the material should be well-presented and structured as it does not only targets a specific group of people but everyone who accesses the site. The users should be able to make out what the website is all about and not get confused.
3. User friendly-Despite all the efforts,the main thing that matters is how easily and without any chaos one can use a website.Accessing the website through google is one thing and choosing it for usage is another, whether it is a first time user or a regular,no one likes a slow websites which takes forever to load and function. A user sticks to a website only if it is user friendly and can be easily operated.
4. Building trust– Based on the performance of the website and the response from the users, a website gets more points, and credibility and chances of receiving a better rank increases. Google keeps the record and stats up to date, it is important to earn the trust of the users which can only be done by providing them with the best and genuine content.
5. Following the guidelines– With the webmaster guidelines, google has listed some steps with the list of do’s and don’ts and important points to be kept in mind while creating a website. No deceiving tactics, advertisements or spams which may harm the safety or the privacy of a user.Following the guidelines and the regulations,Google rewards and penalizes the websites accordingly with the aim to provide unique, original and transparent content to its users.

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