How Content Marketing Can Deliver Huge ROI 

01 Sep How Content Marketing Can Deliver Huge ROI 

Content marketing is no more a buzzword as many businesses have already realized its potential in boosting social and search traffic. Now, as it is gaining popularity, individuals are developing a number of misconceptions on content marketing strategies that can affect flow of traffic. Discover the 5 biggest content marketing myths that you should avoid to gain business success.

#Myth 1 : Content Marketing is Not At All Time Consuming

Many business owners show preferences to content marketing as most of them are convinced that it consumes less time when compared to other marketing techniques. However this is not the actual case. No one could deny that it is one of the most effective marketing strategies to drive targeted visitors to site. But one needs to remember that to gain desirable success, it should not be implemented hastily.  It entails different steps to follow:

Devising Strategy

This includes keyword research and analysis, website analysis, market research, content audit and many other aspects that are quite time consuming.

Quality Content Creation

If anyone intends to churn a superior quality, unique and original write-up, it is not only going to be thought-intensive but a time-intensive process as well.

Distribution and Promotion

Content promotion at right platforms is crucial to attain desired level of visibility to potential consumers. Determining the channels and doing the actual posting require good investment of time.

Measuring Analytics

This entails analyzing the output of the implemented tactics against success metrics.So there is no shortcut.

#Myth 2: The Process can be Automated

 Many digital marketing companies take help of automated tools for executing their content promotion techniques. Yes, it can be automated to a certain degree such as in scheduling social media post or blogs for automatic publication, social monitoring and alerts and auto responders. But too much automation is not desirable as it may affect your chance of connecting with targeted audience. It is best to avoid automation in formulating the social media strategy, blog or article creation and community management.

#Myth 3: More is Better

It goes without saying that more content you publish, the possibility to catch the attention of viewers also increases. However the idea is often misinterpreted and it is said that writing more articles with huge word count is the best trick that leads to better performance of the campaign.

This is simply not true. Churning out more articles can boost your visibility, but people will only praise your write-up when they are of good quality. A series of four articles of 1200-words that only cover up the basic ideas will be valued less by readers than a single 600-word article that is informative and interesting. So without quality it is not possible to widen your reach.

#Myth 4: Content Marketing and Blogging is Same

Both the terms are related but not interchangeable. Blogging is a specific tactic often considered while planning strategies for content promotion. However, it would be incorrect to assume that all blogging is content marketing. When a person writes blogs regularly with no niche focus or no target audience, then the blogger is not abiding to the fundamentals of content marketing.

#Myth 5: A Piece of Content is Dead Once It Gets Published

It is a common belief that once an article or blog is published and promoted socially, it is dead. In other words it cannot be utilized any more once it gets published. Contrary to the popular belief, you can always reuse your published write-ups. We often churn up a number of blog posts based on a similar topic. Now, we can always re purpose those blogs by combining them into an informative eBook. Again, if a business has created an ebook on an interesting topic, it can break it into a series of blog posts.

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